Tallahassee Restaurants Keep Coming and Going

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Tallahassee, FL -- May 1, 2012 --

Tallahassee has seen it's share of restaurant closings lately, with Chez Pierre, Ruby Tuesday's, and the Atlanta Bread Company all closing their doors.

"Well I think restaurants or any businesses in this economy have to be innovative, modifying your business plan, and really adjusting to what the market's asking for," said Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce President Sue Dick.

It's not all closings in the capital city. New chains have come in and opened like Jimmie John's on Thomasville Road.

Shellie Edmunds' family owns the Mockingbird restaurant in town. She says staying open is about quality product.

"You have to constantly give somebody something that you know they will come back for. That's very important, consistency is important in a lot of things," said Edmunds.

Both Edmunds and the chamber of commerce agreed: lower price points for a product you are familiar with help a lot.

"Personally I feel like you get what you pay for in any instance, I don't necessarily hit up the dollar menu myself," said Edmunds.

For just three bucks you could pick yourself up two burgers and a burrito from popular national chains. Maybe not the healthiest choices, but it does keep the wallet from getting skinnier.