The High Cost of Looking Young

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Tallahassee, FL -- April 30, 2012 --

Hollywood A-listers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to look their best. Main stream society is trying to keep up. Women everywhere are spending big bucks to stay looking young.

Fillers like Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane, and Sculptra restore the fullness to the face that women lose as they age.

Dr. Ben Kirbo is a plastic surgeon at Southeastern Plastic Surgery in Tallahassee. He says people are beginning to seek injections at earlier ages.

"Younger patients using it for preventive reasons, and the more middle aged people using it for the improvement of the early signs of aging," said Dr. Kirbo.

A typical Botox injection lasts three to four months and costs about $250.00. Multiply that by 3 times a year and a woman can spend $750.00 on crows feet a year. Multiply that by forty years and it adds up to about $30,000.00. Add in the forehead and you'll double that to $60,000.

Facial peels, masks, and laser treatments can also keep skin looking vibrant. One microdermabrasion facial or one chemical peel averages at $125.00. Three of those a year for forty years adds up to $15,000.00 .

"These types of skin care products, such as peels and medical grade topicals, will significantly improve the external changes of the skin that go with aging," said Dr. Kirbo.

Keeping your locks looking healthy can be costly, too. Stylists say the right haircut can go a long way in helping a woman look her youngest.

"Deep conditioning treatments, protecting your hair from all of the heat appliances that we use is a huge part of keeping your hair looking youthful. Also, the right cut and color, your stylist should be able to help you with what colors would be great for your skin and what cuts can help accentuate your good features," said Lindsey Young, co-owner of Ardan's Salon in Tallahassee.

A single process color averages about seventy dollars every six weeks. That's $560.00 a year or $22,400.00 over forty years. Blondes might have more fun but that adds on another $10,000.00 to the forty year total if you're doing highlights.

Looking to save a little cash? Do it yourself hair color averages about $5200.00 over forty years. Anti-aging creams like Olay products or Walgreens's brand creams will run about $15,000.00 for a forty year supply. That's a day cream, night cream, and eye serum.

How does this all add up?

Over the course of forty years, women will spend, on average:
Hair color: $22,000.00 - $33,000.00
Hair cuts: $14,440.00
Lip and eyebrow waxing: $12,000.00
Weekly manicure: $35,000
Face creams: $15,000.00

Totals for maintenance alone can run anywhere from $98,000.00 to $109,000.00.

Bottom line, beauty can break the bank. Experts say budgeting is important, especially if you're married and fight about finances.

"It's very, very important to talk about budget. Because, if your partner doesn't share the same values, you're going to have a true separation with anger and resentment," said therapist Cheryl Rainey, Ph.D.