Thomas County Sheriff's Office Handling Delinquent Mobile Home Taxes

Deputies at the Thomas County sheriff's office are now doubling as delinquent property tax collectors.

Over 200 mobile homes in Thomas County have delinquent taxes due. Three years ago, the tax commissioner's office of Thomas County decided they were no longer going to collect the delinquent taxes. By law, that responsibility now falls on the sheriff's office.

"We've already sent letters, we've already notified the owners, and now we're posting to let them know that we're really seizing the mobile home at this point," said Captain Steve Jones of the Thomas County sheriff's office.

Owners with delinquent taxes have until Friday, April 13th to pay up. If they don't, they'll be penalized with another round of fees. If money is still owed after that point, then another fee will be added. Also, the owner's property could be seized and sold at a mobile home tax sale in June.