Thomasville Students Participate in Water Walk

Thomasville, GA -- March 20, 2012 --

Some local Thomasville students went the extra mile today and participated in a "Water Walk."

In advance of World Water Day on March 22nd, the Students at the Bishop Hall charter school walked over four and a half miles round trip. The students had jugs of water with them which they filled up and walked back. This was done in support of many people in Africa who have to make journeys as far as 10 miles for water a day.

"They discovered that people in Africa were having difficulty getting water so what they decided to do to bring awareness to their plight is to do this Water Walk," said Leon Smith, the Thomas University pre-college program director who partnered with the kids.

"At first it was like a challenge but I feel that we could get through it, if they can do it I know I can, that's how I feel, if they can walk five miles or ten miles to get water I know I can do the same," added Fredreka Peterson, one of the walkers.

The students would ultimately like to raise enough money to build a well in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa or another country in need.