Thousands Come Out for Moody's Open House Air Show

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- October 27, 2012 --

For more than 40 years folks from all over Georgia have come to Moody Air Force Base for its Open House. It gives the Air Force the chance to flex its muscles, but nothing compares to an actual war zone.

Master Sargent Eric Barker is a helicopter gunner. He said "I've carried one or two SEAL teams, I've carried a couple British teams in and out... I can't get too deep into that but yeah I've carried quite a few special teams."

Some of those teams need a place to come home too and Moody is it for many. But this weekend is for none military.

One attendee, Sarah Williams, said "I am really excited to see our military might on display. I mean you've got your A-10's, your F-22's, our Air Force Thunderbirds."

These planes can be seen every two years when the Base opens their doors to the public for this air show.

2-year old Sean Christopher Rosser said he wants to fly one of the helicopters.

It's not just youthfull enthusiasm at the air show. Members of the Honor Gaurd Drill Team showed dedication to their work.

Senior Airman Christopher Yarbrough said "takes a lot of confidence and you learn it, you do each move like a thousand times until pretty much it's impossible for you to mess up."

Roughly forty thousand people are expected to attend the air show this weekend. Some of the planes displayed in the Air Show date back more than 60 years.