Thousands Come Out for 39th Annual Merry Marketplace

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Valdosta, GS, November 18, 2012 - Ninety businesses from six different states all gathered in Valdosta over the weekend for the Merry Marketplace at the Rainwater Conference Center.

This year marks the 39th time this event has been held. Matthew Vrahiotes, the caramel apple maker was one of the returning faces. Luckily some of his less popular items were not.

He said "our biggest failure would definitely be our cayenne pepper chocolate. We basically took some cayenne pepper and chocolate, dipped it in the apple and it was awful."

Vendors like Matthew weren't the only attractions. Kids made sure to get their requests in for Christmas, no matter how strange.

The Santa Claus character said "children want cars for their mom and dad, or want money, or want to win the lottery and different things like that. There's some strange requests being Santa."

More than three thousand people attended this year's Merry Marketplace.The profits from the event went to more than 20 local charities in Lowndes County.