Thousands in Valuables Stolen from Best Buy After Burglary

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- May 30, 2012 --

As the sun was coming up Sunday morning - Valdosta police were called to the Best Buy store. on Norman Drive. Theives tripped the alarm - but by the time VPD arrived - no one was there. Thankfully the surveillance cameras were recording. VPD is not releasing the video at this time. but they tell us it shows the thieves pulled up in a dark colored sedan, used it to break open a roll up door and make off with more than 10-thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

Captain Bobbi McGraw of the Valdosta Police Department said "multiple people had made entry and made some quick grabs of merchandise. And did leave some things along the way as they were trying to get away from the scene."

Captain McGraw says the suspects were in an out in a matter of minutes - leading investigators to believe this wasn't their first heist.

She said "the crime gave the appearance that these folks had probably done it before. They probably had a mission and they went in there to accomplish that mission. It didn't appear to be something that was done haphazardly. It was probably something that was planned out."

Valdosta Police are working with law enforcement in Florida because a Best Buy in Tampa was robbed in January using similar methods. Meantime - locals who shop near this Best Buy hope this burglary pushes store owners to take action.

One local student, Brejae Wylie, said "along this strip there's about 10 to 15 businesses. So maybe they should all get together and invest in a security post so that way there's a security guard monitoring the premises like 24/7 so that way this doesn't happen again."

Later that day police recovered the vehicle used in the crime. It was reported stolen in Tifton, Georgia. Police are asking that anyone with information on the burglary contact the Valdosta Police Department.