"Toddlers & Tiaras" Stars Come Out In Valdosta

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- Valdosta, Ga. - April 12, 2012 -

Cocktail parties, photo shoots, and designer outfits for toddlers? Every parent's dream is to see their child succeed, but is there such a thing as going too far?

The stars from TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras" rolled through Valdosta Wednesday playing to their adoring public at the "Wooden Nickel Pub" and "Glo Ultra Lounge".

Laila and Greer Shpigler, Paisley Dickey and Alana Shannon are all known for their wild antics on TV, but not everyone agrees with it.

"Not to say that their moms and woman role models are bad. It's just really sad that they have all this pressure," said Valdosta resident Molly Roan.

Lauren Shpigler and her daughters Laila & Greer tell all at the premier party.

"We probably spend close to $50,000 a year at pageants," said Lauren Shpigler.

Wendy and Paisley Dickey are from Winder, Georgia. Paisley made national headlines when she wore a replica of Julia Roberts' get-up from Pretty Woman.

"That outfit was just to be funny and it was taken to be something bad and it wasn't bad. It was really cute," said Wendy Dickey.

June and Alana are from McIntyre, Georgia. Alana is known for her Go-Go juice and popular saying "Honey boo-boo child".

"She has fun with it, she acts goofy. She loves the attention. She loves the cameras as you can see," said June Shannon.

Blake Woodruff is a talent agent representing the girls. He says it's all in good fun.

"As controversial as they may seem, that's the point of the competition is to glitz it out and be over the top, and they're young kids, they're adorable," said Woodruff.

Whether you agree with it or not, these girls are stars for a reason.