Tree Falls on Local Woman Crushing her to Death

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Valdosta, GA - Jennie Sapp, a neighbor, said "it's just sad, it's a tragedy! It's just sad, It's just sad, it's a tragedy!"

On Saturday afternoon Monica Mohammed, a mother of 4, was in her backyard at 718 JL Lomax Drive when a tree fell on top of her. Shortly after the 911 call went out.

Valdosta Fire Chief J.D. Rice said "she was not responsive, my guys did take a pulse so she was still alive. We had to stabilize the limb to make sure it didn't roll over and do further damage. But once that was stabilized we literally had to cut the limb in sections. So we could get to a managible part of it to remove it off of her."

According to the Fire Department Mohammed was in the yard with one of her children, who she pushed out of the way when the tree limb came down. The limb may have been damaged from last week's storms.

Kalvin Brown is another neighbor. He said "I had a tree matter of fact fall right behind my apartments yesterday that I had to cut. I mean a huge limb fell back there. So like I tell a lot of these trees are you know, they're old and you just never know. You never know."

Mohammed died at South Georgia Medical Center as a result of blunt force trauma to the body. The Fire Department is urging all citizens to inspect any trees on their property.