Two Men Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Of Local Man

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June 19, 2012

Two Thomasville men found guilty of murder and aggravated assault have been sentenced to life in prison.

Frank Williams Jr. and Shadrick Killens, both 22, have been convicted for the drive by shooting death of 21-year-old Jerry Bodiford Jr., known as "Duck" by his family and friends. It happened in July 2011, outside a house in Cairo.

We spoke to Bodiford's father just moments after the verdict was read.

"I feel better than I did yesterday and I've waited a long time for this," said Jerry Bodiford Sr. "It's going to be some closure for me, but it's still not going to bring my son back."

Bodiford's mother was too choked up to speak at the time, but her sister spoke for her.

"It's like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders," said Sundra Wilder. "I mean, we still miss him, but we feel like justice was served."

According to testimony, on the night of the shooting there was a verbal altercation between the two groups of people over a girl.
Defense attorneys claimed Williams and Killens were acting in self defense. Prosecutors, however, proved to the jury otherwise.

"They took their time, they looked at all the evidence, and they eventually saw that both were guilty and needed to be held accountable for the murder and senseless death of Jerry Bodiford Jr.," said prosecuting attorney, Joe Mulholland.

Williams and Killens will be eligible for parole in 25 years.