University of Tennessee Students Come to Moultrie on Spring Break for Mega Impact

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Moultire, GA -- March 20, 2012 --

Believe it or not, over 100 students from the University of Tennessee passed up a spring break vacation to volunteer in Moultrie.

"We finished up painting the trim and most of that inside, cleaned up the paint, then we came out here and cleaned out the shed, there's a lot of trash," said UT senior Michael Griffin.

It's called Mega Impact. For the third year in a row, students have partnered with the city of Moultrie and other organizations to work on multiple projects to enrich the community. This job at the Crossroads Mission Homeless shelter is just one of many.

"They are energetic, they're not complaining. They do things with a lot of fun. They'll put on some music, go to town painting, and they can't wait for the end result," said Shirley Davis of Heritage Church, one of the organizations helping in the project.

Across town at Woodman of the World park, volunteers work on a $10,000 project that includes installing benches, water fountains, and building a bridge. First timer Caitlin San Roman couldn't be happier with the way things are going.

"I've been on trips similar to this before, but really never in a community like Moultrie. They're so welcoming and everyone is willing to help out," said the junior.