Trees and Power Lines Down Throughout Thomasville [GALLERY]

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Winnie Anne Wright
February 21, 2014, 10:30pm

Thomasville, GA - It's been a long day for some residents of Thomasville who are still waiting for their power to be restored after this morning's storm.

"I didn't hear the tree fall. I saw the tree fall, but all I could hear was me screaming", says Liden Dunaway, a 43 year resident of Plantation Drive.

Dunaway was trapped outside during the worst of it, while trying to pull her lawn furniture indoors.

Uprooted trees like the one on Plantation Drive were not an uncommon site. The City of Thomasville says crews have been working around the clock to remove debris from the Southside.

The City of Thomasville had help from Moultrie and Cairo crews since debris wasn't the only problem. Many homes off Monticello road were also still without power this evening.

"At our peak, we had about 2,200 customers out, through our outage management reporting system. It's an automated system we have at our energy control center. At this point, just within the last few minutes, we got an update of about 440 still being out. We hope to have all of those up within four to six hours. Again, there will be exceptions, but that's our anticipated time right now.", says Don Atkinson, Assistant City Manager of Utilities for The City of Thomasville.

Dunaway says the storm brought her neighbors together. Some had never even met each other before.

"We had a great time, just chit chatting and glad everyone was safe. Nobody had lost any houses or lives or cars, or any of that."

Atkinson says crews in Thomasville will be back out tomorrow morning. To help with debris clean up. If you have any debris in your yard from the storm, pile it curbside, and the city will pick it up with your usual yard waste.

News Release: Thomas County Fire/EMA

Thomasville is completing their estimated damage of the storm from this morning. The county numbers stand as they were reported earlier in the day.

By: Lanetra Bennett
February 21, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Trees and power lines are down after winds and rain whipped through our area this morning. Some of those trees landed through homes and cars.

Just as Heather Williams was contemplating getting another cup of coffee Friday morning, a limb from a tree that fell on top of her Country Farm Road house in Thomasville, punctured the roof and smashed clear through from the kitchen's ceiling to the floor.

Williams says, "Something told me not to go in there in get it, that I didn't need it. So if I would've, it would've hit me. There's not doubt because my coffee pot was right behind where the limb came through the ceiling."

Limbs also went through Williams' bathroom and laundry room. "My nerves are still shook up." She says.

Just next door, Friday's storm forged a pine tree on top of the house there.

Trevor Smith's Tree and Limb Service handled the cleanup on the two houses on Country Farm Road. Trevor Smith says both trees were about 85 to 100 feet tall.

He says, "This is actually my first scene I've seen like this. I've been in the business for about four years now and this is the first scene I've come across. It doesn't look pretty."

Storm damage could be seen all along Highway 19. A tree broke from both sides of the overpass bridge near Highway 84.

Over off Broad Street near Jerger Elementary School, trees and power lines were down at almost every turn.

Area resident Joyce Runyon was stunned at all of the damage. Referring to the trees, she says, "Where they broke off and fell across roads, they were twisted where they broke. It went through this area the worst."

Power crews were feverishly working to get power back up as soon as possible in that northern side of Monticello Road.

No injuries were reported from the storm in South Georgia.

Updated By: Winnie Wright
February 21, 2014, 5pm

The cities of Moultrie and Thomasville are both still working on fallen power lines in Thomasville.

Power is expected to be restored in some neighborhoods around 8 pm.

By: Lanetra Bennett
February 21, 2014

Thomasville, Ga. -- Two houses received unwelcome guests this morning when large pine trees came crashing into them.

The homes, located on County Farm Road in Thomasville, Ga., are next door to one another.

WCTV has a reporter on the scene, and will bring you more on this story tonight on WCTV Eyewitness News.