Valdosta Celebrates National Night Out with Police, Firefighters

Valdosta, Georgia- August 7, 2012

This time each year law enforcement and fire fighter agencies take time out to connect with communities nation-wide in an event called "National Night Out".

In 2010 crime in the US dropped to its nearly lowest rate in nearly 40 years and continued to drop last year.

National Night Out is an annual event to help law enforcement and fire fighters promote crime and drug prevention as well as basic fire safety. But for the families that came out tonight, it looks like it was all about having a fun time.

Said Veronocis Williams with the Valdosta Police Department: "So we've got kids coming here learning about what to do if a stranger is talking to you. They're going to learn internet safety. It's just a great, great thing that people can do."

The sheriff's department and fire department came out for Valdosta's annual "National Night Out". This is the third time the national event has come to Valdosta. It was held at Brittany Woods Apartments.

"We have live music. It's a big event. We all have anticipated for this event and we tried to not let the rain stop us this year" said Erica Hill, an organizer with the event.

Said Williams: "They see that we're approachable and if they have a problem that they can come talk to us.That we're not a scary person. We're the ones who go get the scary people."

This is the 29th occurance of the event nation-wide. It was expected that over 15 thousand communities would take part. But it might not have been quite that many seeing as how events were also planned for Tallahassee and Thomasville tonight but they were canceled because of all the rain.