Valdosta City Leaders Working To Bridge The Gap To VSU

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Valdosta, GA - Valdosta city leaders are working to bridge the gap between downtown and Valdosta State University.

"If people would just come and venture out more downtown and check it out and see for themselves it would be pretty phenomenal," said Christy Morgan, a bartender and server at a downtown restaurant called "The Bistro".

The distance between downtown and VSU is about a mile. The plan is to build up the portion of Patterson Street from Magnolia to Brookwood Street to make it more attractive for travelers.

Designs are already in the works and cater to pedestrians. Plans include improving the sidewalks, adding benches and decorative street lamps. It will even be handicapped accessible.

Phase One will build up the area from Magnolia to Gordon Street. Phase two will take it to Brookwood Drive, officially closing the gap to VSU.

"We want them to come visit our downtown area and enjoy our Enhancement Projects and tying all of them together we think is a benefit for everybody." said Mara Register, Assistant To The City Manager for the City Of Valdosta.

It's all part of the "Street Scape Program". The same program that built up downtown in the 90s and continues new projects to this day.

Phase One will cost $80,000. That's coming from state grants and local sales tax funds. Once the design is approved by the Department of Transportation a contractor will be hired to do the construction.

Phase Two is expected to come along in the next 18 months.

"Hopefully with more traffic and more students it would be awesome to see more faces downtown," said Christy Morgan.