Valdosta Fire Department Remembers 9-11

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Valdosta, Georgia- September 11, 2012

This morning the Valdosta Fire Department hosted the city's annual 9-11 remembrance ceremony.

If anybody understands the significance of this day, it's our brave men and women in uniform like the firefighters of Valdosta Fire Department.

Roughly 100 people came from across Lowndes County, many of them in uniform. They held a prayer of remembrance and of course a powerful moment of silence right at 8:46 - the time the first plane hit the twin towers.

Afterwards, Fire Chief J.D. Rice spoke about how even in Valdosta combating terrorism is a daily duty: 'The enemy is still out there, and we have to stay vigilant as firefighters and police officers and first responders here in Valdosta. We don't like to talk about it but as first responders that's what we prepare for every day.'

Later in the morning the Board of Commissioners held a wreath ceremony on the lawn of the Old Courthouse. They also held a prayer and a moment of silence.

Everybody who was at the gathering in Valdosta has gone back to their daily routine, but for those who were at Ground Zero, the memories will never go away.