Valdosta Police Warn Of Mail Thefts

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News Release: Valdosta Police Department

The Valdosta Police Department would like to remind citizens about the potential for thefts from mailboxes, which may result in checks being stolen and “washed” then used in forgeries. When citizens put bills they are paying by check in the mailbox in front of their residence for the postal service to pick up, they risk becoming a victim of offenders who check mailboxes and pull these bills out, then remove the checks, wash them, and fill them out to pass at other locations. The offenders may also get account numbers off the checks and make counterfeit checks using the account numbers.

The police department suggests that, when possible, take bills to the post office to be mailed. If you must use the mailbox in front of your house, try to put the bills in just prior to the normal pick up time for your neighborhood. Also, if anyone is expecting any special deliveries, such as reordered checks from the bank, try to be there when the mail is delivered and remove it as soon as possible from the mailbox.