Valdosta Ranked in Top Ten Cities for Salary Increases

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- September 6, 2012 --

Valdosta's average annual wage increase from 2010 to 2011 was more than $1,800 dollars... giving it that tenth spot on the list of top cities for raises. Toronto University based their study on Bureau of Labor statistics. It noted military bases like Moody as well as Universities like Valdosta State played a significant role.

Valdosta State University President, Bill McKinney, said "we have over 1,800 full and part-time employees at the University alone, let alone a wider economic impact that amounts to in excess of 5,000 jobs either indirectly or directly created by the university."

According to a report by VSU, set to be published on Monday, the college has an annual economic impact of more than $450 million dollars.

McKinney went on to say "that really takes into account not only the salaries but also the commerce that is generated as part of being one of the top ten employers in the region as well as an economic driver."

The City Manager says roughly 60% of college graduates live within one hundred miles of the school they graduated. Making South Georgia Medical Center another economic driver.

The City Manager, Larry Hanson, said "having a heart.. a regional hospital that has a cancer center and a heart center. They create very good jobs that pay well and they support college graduates."

The city with the highest annual salary increase was Fairbanks Alaska... Workers there, on average, saw a $2,700 dollar jump in yearly wages.