Valdosta Residents Turn Towards A Better New Year

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- January 1, 2012 --

2012 is officially in the past, and many Valdostans have big wishes for the new year.

Valdosta resident Demetrious Rollins said "better gas prices! That's the most important thing to me because I work on the road."

Another resident said "for the new year I plan on graduating and going to college to start my career."

Some simply said goodbye to last year, others said good riddance! Lashunda Williams said "I'm not going to miss the drama, the attitudes and the not having money."

For Janie Bell, last year meant losing her home - a situation that's been humbling.

She said "I never thought I would have to experience that and I did last year. And it's something that I hope that I do not have to experience this year."

Bell is one of many who are hoping to turn the page on the past and keep their eyes on what's ahead.

Valdosta resident Raymond Kinchen said "I'm not going to miss it too much because it's already gone. All I can do is look for the future."