Valdosta School Superintendent Forced to Retire

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Valdosta, Georgia- September 11, 2012

After 46 years in education Dr. Bill Cason will retire at the end of this academic year. But the choice to retire isn't his

It's because of House Bill 209 which contains language that forces any previously retired public school employee to not work in any other capacity within a public school system. Dr. Cason has already retired as an Associate Superintendent of another district and he doesn't pay in to the Teacher Retirement System.

Dr. Cason said "I understand fully why they had to stop it. It hurts their cash flow. And it's a business decision on their part which I have respect for."

Dr. Cason has also worked as a Superintendent in South Carolina. He says saying goodbye at the end of the school year won't be easy.

He went on to say "well I'd be lying if I said that didn't hurt some. Because I've done this for so long. I truly love my job. I love being around kids and teachers."

Valdosta City Board of Education member Bill Love said "if he goes into one of our elementary schools, almost every child knows Doctor Cason. And will run up to Doctor Cason and say Doctor Cason!! Doctor Cason!!"

Many feel that this superintendent's absence next year will be a hole hard to fill. Dr. Cason has overseen the graduation of more than 10,000 students in Georgia and South Carolina.