Valdosta Student Athletes May Soon Be Subject To Random Drug Tests

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By Greg Gullberg
April 29, 2013

Valdosta, GA - The Valdosta Wildcats are known for their sports. And the high school football team especially has a storied tradition. Now there's a plan in talks so that before players can take the field they may have to pass a mandatory drug test.

Valdosta School Board member Bill Love is pushing the idea for the safety of the athletes at the request of the athletic department. He says many of them will be playing college sports for the NCAA where they'll be tested anyway. Love wants to use the same system and have random drug tests for everything from "Performance Enhancing Drugs" like steroids to street drugs. They may also test for alcohol. Students caught will have a sit down with administrators and parents so they can stop it from happening again.

Right now the superintendent is drawing up a report over the next several weeks of how well it works in other Georgia schools. If approved, it may be implemented as soon as next school year.