Valdosta Citizens Urged to Discontinue Non-Essential Use of Water

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Valdosta, Georgia - April 27, 2012 -

The City of Valdosta is requesting all water customers to immediately cease all outdoor irrigation and non-essential use of water throughout the weekend.

The city’s Water Treatment Plant has experienced mechanical issues on two of its raw water well pumps this week. The first was taken out of service Monday due to severe vibrations in the pump. The pump is currently being evaluated and is under warranty by the contractor who had performed redevelopment on the well approximately 11-months ago.

In addition, the pump impeller on a separate pump stopped functioning yesterday afternoon while performing regular measurement of water levels in the wells. An emergency pump and associated pipe is currently being installed and should be placed into service within 24 hours.

Water storage levels have dropped and actions must be taken by all customers to immediately minimize usage until temporary systems are placed into service.

The city will issue an update on the water conditions by 5 p.m. today and as needed. For further information, contact the Public Information Office at (229) 259-3548.