Vendors Fight The Rain At Flatlanders Fall Frolic

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Lakeland, Georgia- September 2, 2012

You know what they say about best laid plans. Patrons and vendors have looked forward to the Flatlanders Fall Frolic every year for the past four decades. But no amount of fried gator tail or kettled popcorn could survive Sunday's downpour.

"Yes, it put a damper (on things). We have already tore our booth apart and we're fixing to load up and head to church.," said Bonnie Lanier, a vendor selling weight loss pills.

Helen Strickland is the organizer of the event. "We have activities like a gospel sing, road race. It's several days of activities," Strickland said.

Vendor's tents quickly became shelters from the rain. And for some the mud was more than a simple annoyance as their trucks got stuck.

Sunday was the last day for the festival this year. But many folks like Bonnie Lanier say they will be back for the next one.