Viewers' Choice: Almost Famous Winner

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It was stiff competition, with lots of great, local talent .. but a clear winner did emerge. 12 year old Savannah Ausley has been singing and writing music since she was seven years when she found out she was a finalist for our competition, she was thrilled!
"My mom actually got a call saying 'I saw Savannah on t.v., they were showing her on the news. I was like- Oh my God, I like freaked out," says Savannah.

Savannah is a 7th grader at Holy Comforter School in Tallahassee. She was home- sick in bed and watching the morning news- when she heard about our competition. Her mom says they sent emails to family and friends asking for their support.

"We heard back from friends that we hadn't heard from in years and just couldn't believe how much Savannah has grown and didn't even know she was singing. It was wonderful," says Kelley Ausley.
Not only is Savannah singing, she's learning to play the piano and guitar...and she's written about a hundred original songs.

"I like take experiences from real life and I like make them into something that sounds sense-like I make sure it's not something that will completely bore the audience," says Savannah.

Her classmates, who also cast Viewers' Choice votes for Savannah, say this little song bird is far from boring. "She's a great person. She's hysterical, whether she means to be or not, she's clumsy at times, but that's why we love Savannah," says 7th grader Shelby Proctor.

"No matter what happened with Savannah, a shoe fell off- the other shoe fell off, the mic fell off, the mic was here and then it was over there, no matter what it was, she's unflappable and that's a real pro," says music theatre teacher Elise Smith.

"I like Taylor Swift, I like her songs, but almost all of her songs are easy to relate to. I just like songs that are really relatable, but I really like Carrie Underwood," says Savannah.

Savannah's star is already on the musical wall of fame at Holy Comforter and who knows, maybe one day that same name will be in lights on Broadway.


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