[UPDATE] Visitation Limited at South Georgia Medical Center

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[UPDATE FROM SGMC] 1-22 6:17 PM --

Water services and usage have been restored at SGMC. Other than redirecting requests to transfer patients from other hospitals, SGMC handled the water outage with no interruption or compromise to patient care. Significant action was taken to maintain sanitation, which was the greatest challenge. This required restricting visitation to emergencies only.

“We appreciate the community’s understanding and cooperation as we worked through this situation and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused our patients and their families,” stated Ken Kiser, Assistant Administrator of Patient Care Services. “Water is vital, especially during the flu season, to allow for adequate hand washing, sanitation and infection prevention and we did not want to compromise the care environment of our patients.”

SGMC will continue providing bottled drinking water to patients and staff until the city water supply is safe for consumption. SGMC is back to normal operations with regular visitation hours being resumed at 4:30pm today; however, due to these unforeseen circumstances, the SGMC Cafeteria will not be open to the public for lunch Sunday, January 23, 2011.

The Following is a Press Release from South Georgia Medical Center:

At SGMC, we are always concerned for our patients’ safety and well being. Therefore, due to a power failure at the City of Valdosta Water Treatment Plant, SGMC, along with most of Valdosta, is currently without water services. At this time, visitation is limited to emergencies and patient discharge until water services and usage are restored. The current loss of water situation affects SGMC, Langdale Hospice House, Greenleaf and Langdale Place.

While SGMC believes the support of family and friends are very important for our patients’ recovery, we ask your cooperation to ensure our patients receive the safest and best quality of care possible.