Georgia Voters Call for End to Unlimited Spending on Lawmakers

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- August 1, 2012 --

Currently in Georgia lobbyists can give any amount of money to state lawmakers. On Tuesday's ballots more than 70% of both democrats and republicans said they don't approve of those unlimited gifts. That feeling remains strong among many local residents.

Valdosta resident, Robert lee, said "I think there ought to be some sort of cap because it goes back to that old saying he with the most toys wins. If there's no limit on it than the politicians is going to be even more into the big money making lobbyists."

The question to cap lobbyist spending on Tuesday's ballot did not result in any laws being changed... the goal was to demonstrate public opinion in the state. The Republican ballot took it a step further asking if voters wanted to see a $100 dollar cap on gifts. Roughly 90% of voters said yes.

Valdosta resident, Tenry Berry, said "my personal opinion is that there should be a cap. I feel that there should be something said so that everyone has an equal opportunity."

Another resident, Jacob Miller, said "I feel like it is something that democrats and republicans can agree on."

Supporters of unlimited gifts say a cap could drive lobbyist spending underground where the public cannot track it.