Wienermobile Brings Gifts and Smiles to Valdosta Locals

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- August 11, 2012 --

One Valdosta resident said "It's definitely not a sight you see in Walmart everyday." Another said "It's pretty cool."

The 27 foot long Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stopped at the Valdosta Walmart on Norman Drive. With it were two recent college graduates hired as Hotdoggers.. which is a coveted position.

One of them, named Anggela Pimentel said "It is very competitive. They have over a thousand applicants every year and there's only 12 lucky dogs who get to cut the mustard.. So I'm very lucky."

The Hotdoggers started on June 3rd when they attended two weeks of Hot Dog High. They had extensive training on how to drive the Wienermobile.

Once they had the right skills it was off to the races across the South East.

Hotdogger Eliot Pattee said "we've been all over the place. We started out in Washington D.C... Went all the way back up to Cincinnati, Charlotte North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Chattanooga Tennessee, Columbia South Carolina and now here in Georgia."

They've been handing out wiener whistles and coupons at various retail outlets... as well as sharing some interesting facts.

Pattee went on to say "there are less people that have been hotdoggers than have been in space."