Death of Asian Elephant at Local Theme Park

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Valdosta, GA – May 30, 2011 -

Queenie, the Asian elephant, who lived for eight years in her retirement at Wild Adventures Theme Park, died earlier today at age 59. Wild Adventures zoological operations staff members arrived in the morning to find Queenie in a weakened state.

“We knew that Queenie’s health had been in decline for some time,” said Wild Adventures General Manager Bob Montgomery, “and we have been working with other zoo veterinarians to determine the best way to manage Queenie’s chronic health issues. Unfortunately we had to make a quality of life decision this morning.

We are comforted by the fact that we were able to give her a great place to live out the rest of her life and are thankful for the time we were able to share her with our guests and our team members. She will be missed,” concluded Montgomery.

Queenie came to Wild Adventures in 2003 to retire and live out her golden years. Born in 1952, Queenie is believed to be one of the oldest Asian elephants in North America. Queenie’s claim to fame was that she was known to be the world's only water-skiing elephant. Average life expectancy for Asian elephants is 50 to 70 years.