Wildlife Rescue Association Needs Your Help

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-- May 15, 2012 --

A mild winter and early spring has led to more critters roaming around. That has increased the risk for human encounters, and the animals getting hurt.

The Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association says that their number of wildlife rehabilitators has gone down. Combine that with the increased amount of animals and that has put added stress on the current rehabilitators.

"We've got fewer rehabbers taking care of more animals, we've had to overload them with animals. That's the problem, financially they need help and physically they're just worn out," said Chet Powell, Executive Director of the Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association.

The Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association's main need is manpower. They're offering training courses throughout the state for volunteers around the state. To volunteer or donate go to http://www.georgiawildliferescue.org