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Health Matters: Health Complications with Medical Devices are Increasing Emergency Room Visits

August 3, 2010
Over 70,000 kids go to the hospital each year after a problem with a medical device.
That's according to researchers at the FDA.
The researchers analyzed medical records from ER visits reported in a National Injury Surveillance System.
Based on data from about 100 hospitals, they estimated that more than 140,000 medical device-related complications occurred during 2004 and 2005.
Or more than 70,000 yearly.
They found numerous health complications, particularly with contact lenses.
About a quarter of the trips to the emergency room were from infections and eye abrasions.
These can come from simply wearing the lenses too long without cleaning them.
Many more of the injuries are caused by the misuse of hypodermic needles.
The study was published in "Pediatrics".

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