High Unemployment Rate Hits Our Area

By: Caroline Blair Email
By: Caroline Blair Email

James Myrick and his wife Nettie load their van with necessities from the Thomas County Food Bank, a routine they've been forced to become accustomed to in recent in weeks.

"You go job hunting but when you do the application it'll say like before you do the application, we're not hiring and that's kind of hard and difficult," said James Myrick who is unemployed.

"I have two kids and I have a husband you know and it's been hard cause really nobody's hiring, gas is going up and food is going up you know it's just really difficult to get a job," said Nettie Myrick who is also actively seeking employment.

And while the couple say they're struggling everyday searching for a job, the two say they're not alone.

"I know other people who don't have jobs, some of them have a college education others just got out of high school got out of graduation with a high school diploma, and still can't find jobs," said James Myrick.

And the numbers agree. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, the state unemployment rate rose to a whopping 6.3% in August, higher than the national average and the highest Georgia's seen in 15 years.

"These are tough times and I believe we're having a crisis of confidence in this country and it's reflected in businesses that are cutting back in anticipation of bad times," said Don Sims, Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce President.

A county breakdown of unemployment figures won't be released until next week. But officials say even Thomas County who's usually above the state and national average, is expecting an increase in unemployment numbers for the month of August.

"I think we need to just stay with the basics. I think we need not react to National calamity we just need to do what we do best and that is provide good productivity and hard work. And I think we'll see Thomasville and Thomas County stay below the state and National average because I believe better times are coming we just need to buckle down right now and make it through this tough time with as good an attitude as we can," said Sims.

Through the tough times Sims says Thomasville still has many jobs to offer and says the city and county is actively looking to bring in new business.

But still the Myrick family says times are tough. Yet they will continue to keep working hard everyday, working to find a job.

"It's really frustrating you know because I have two kids, one and three years old and they really can't provide for themselves and they depend on me and it's really frustrating sometimes you just to cry and you just don't know what to do," said Nettie Myrick.

"It's hard, but I know that God is gonna make a way," said James Myrick.

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