Health Matters: Blushing Equals Generosity

By: Triston Sanders Email
By: Triston Sanders Email

In today's health matters, the next time you blush could be a sign of how trustworthy you are.

A new study shows that those who are easily embarrassed are more trustworthy, more generous and more likely to be monogamous.

Researchers at the University of California videotaped students talking about an embarrassing moment. The students then went on to participate in an economic research game that measures their selflessness.

Researchers found that participants who were the most embarrassed showed the most generosity. And, this quality may be helpful when people are seeking reliable partners in romance and business relationships.

The authors pointed out that the findings apply to moderate levels of embarrassment, not feelings of shame or extreme social anxiety. You can read more about the study online in the September 19th 'Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.'

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