Health Matters: Gaining Weight on the Job

By: Triston Sanders-Medical Anchor Email
By: Triston Sanders-Medical Anchor Email

May 31, 2011
Sedentary jobs fueling the fire for America's obesity epidemic.
A new study says Americans are burning up to 140y fewer calories a day at work than they did fifty years ago.
Researchers say as Americans sit at their desks, instead of being out in the fields, means they are packing on the pounds.
Analysts cross referenced U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on different jobs with a national data base which includes information on body weight.
They discovered fifty years ago half of private industry jobs involved some kind of physical activity.
Today that number is less than 20%.
Study authors estimate people using a hundred fewer calories a day would result in a weight gain in line with what the U.S. population has since since 1960.
They say if Americans followed federal guidelines and got 150 minutes a week of physical activity those extra calories would be a wash.
However they say only 1-in-4 Americans is getting the recommended amount of exercise.

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