Health Matters: Healthy Weight Loss

By: Triston Sanders Email
By: Triston Sanders Email

In today's Health Matters, What do you reach for when that afternoon urge to snack kicks in?

It's hard to ignore you know that urge to munch that strikes most days after 3:00. You may be tempted to hit the vending machine at work or maybe the cookie jar at home

But a recent study found there are certain foods you can eat that are associated with less weight gain over time. The top choices were fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains, yogurt and nuts.

So no surprises there but what was surprising about this 20 year study was it seemed less important how much people ate and more important what they ate. So by loading up on high fiber nutritious foods the study participants felt fuller and more satisfied helping reduce cravings for junk food.

So try re-training your taste buds in the afternoon by bringing healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, hummus and veggies and keep them handy.
So you're less tempted to look for that vending machine when the cravings hit.

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