Health Matters: High Powered AC

By: Triston Sanders Email
By: Triston Sanders Email

August 10, 2011
In today's health matters, while the hot weather may have us cranking up the air conditioning and turning on the fan, doctors say those devices could possibly make you sick. Having a cold or allergies in the hot weather is especially uncomfortable.

Doctors say allergens from trees and blooming flowers can cause severe symptoms as it is. But once dust, pollen and bacteria are trapped inside your home, your fan can worsen the effect while you sleep, causing respiratory illnesses that can leave you down for the count for weeks.

There are ways to keep outside allergens and irritants from coming inside and making you miserable. Doctors say you should dust your home frequently and keep windows and doors closed, especially during the evening.

Buy filters for your air conditioning system and properly maintain your fan by cleaning the blades.

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