Health Matters: Study of Surgeons Who Drink the Night Before Surgery

By: Triston Sanders-Medical Anchor Email
By: Triston Sanders-Medical Anchor Email

May 4, 2011
Surgeons who drink to excess the night before they operate are more likely to make errors the next day.
Irish researchers performed two studies where participants did a simulated laproscopic surgery.
In the first, 16 college students were told to either drink or not drink the evening before a simulated surgery in class
In the second study eight experts were given the license to drink all they wanted the night before surgery.
The first group showed timed scores weren't significantly different between the drinking and abstaining groups.
However there were more errors among the drinkers.
In the second group there were similar impairments, but those differences started leveling out by four in the afternoon.
Findings appear in the 'Archives of Surgery.'

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