Health Matters: Sweet Tooth Linked To Hunger

By: Triston Sanders Email
By: Triston Sanders Email

In today's health matters, a hungry brain may increase your likelihood of craving sweets.

According to a recent study, hunger and low blood sugar affect areas of the brain that usually inhibit cravings. Which means if you're hungry, you may be less likely to turn away from certain types of foods.

Scientists at Yale University manipulated glucose levels in people of different weights, while showing them pictures of high and low calorie foods.

Brain scans revealed when blood level sugars dropped, people had a harder time controlling their desire for fattening foods. That weakened response was particularly high in the obese.

Researchers say their results suggest obese individuals may have a limited ability to inhibit impulses, resulting in the consumption of higher calorie foods.

Findings appear in the 'Journal of Clinical Investigation.'

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