Medical Minute 3-18: From Cancer Patient to Cancer Doc

By: Casey Taylor Email
By: Casey Taylor Email

"From the moment I had cancer, I felt it was fate. I should help others like me. I began to contemplate," said Amir Steinberg, M.D., Oncologist.

Doctor Amir Steinberg wrote a poem called hope. It was hope that helped him. He was just 17 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Almost two decades later, he remembers the chemo, the radiation and what it took to kill his cancer.

"When it was over, I felt life so much more and appreciated every moment and couldn't wait for what's in store."

He is now an oncologist at Cedars-Sinai and has dedicated his life to helping people like him battle for their future.

"When I care for patients, I listen to their fear and their courage and their hope. I'm here to lend an ear," he said.

Javier Mandujano has been fighting T-cell lymphoma for five years. He says Doctor Steinberg knows the small details, the side effects, the daily struggle that others may not.

"You will definitely communicate better with someone who went through this," said Javier Mandujano.

One key point this cancer survivor makes with all his patients.
Amir Steinberg, MD
"Live life as if the cancer is not around. Live as normally as you can, as if it was never found."
That's exactly what Louie Rosas did to beat Leukemia. Doctor Steinberg set a course of treatment.

"Even when I was having bone marrow biopsies, as he's putting the needle in, he saying, 'Good job. Way to go. Keep it up. Stay positive," said Louie Rosas.

And helped him focus on getting back to what he loves.

"The next time you see a new patient with cancer, when they ask if there is hope, now you know the answer," said Amir Steinberg, M.D.

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