Medical Minute 3-23: Get Rid of Your Glasses

By: Casey Taylor Email
By: Casey Taylor Email

Whether you're watching the big game, or a show on gardening, our world is now in high-definition. The concept that brings TV to life is also helping people like Kate Cramblett see a whole new world.

"It's crystal-clear vision, and it's like having high-definition vision in your eye," said Sheri Rowen, M.D., Director of Ophthalmology.

Kate has always been nearsighted and then developed cataracts. She had surgery to implant a new H-D lens. It uses her eye's own muscles to focus and improve near vision without compromising intermediate or distance vision. It can be used to fix cataracts or help someone who just wants to get rid of their glasses. Kate no longer needs glasses or contacts.

"It's like opening a present that's something you've wanted all your life. It's the gift of sight, and it's something that I never thought I would ever have," said Kate Cramblett.

Another eyesight advancement: a new corneal implant that's being tested to help people see the fine print.

Rick Timmerman's 20-50 vision is now 20-20. Ophthalmologists implanted the experimental donut- shaped lens -- called acufocus -- underneath a flap in his cornea. It blocks unfocused light, allowing focused light to enter, making it easier to see clearly up close.

"It's the first time that we're able to see beautifully at distance and at near out of the same eye," said CG Thomas S. Tooma, M.D., TLC Laser Eye Centers.

In a European study, 81% of patients achieved 20-20 vision after one year with the corneal implant. Two lenses helping baby boomers erase the blur from their lives.

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