Chef Wagner’s Apple Strudel



Bread Flour 1 lb. 4 oz.
Butter 4 oz.
Salt ¼ oz
Eggs 2 each
Vinegar ½ tsp.
Water 7 oz.


Apples (chopped or sliced) 2 lb.
Sugar 8 oz.
Cinnamon 1 oz.
Corn Starch as needed



• Using a dough hook, combine flour, butter, salt, eggs, vinegar and water in a mixer
• Knead to a semi-smooth dough on medium speed for approximately 8 minutes
• Remove dough from bowl round dough up and lightly coat with vegetable oil
• Place back in bowl, cover with plastic and store in a warm place for an hour
• Cover a table with a tablecloth and lightly dust it with flour
• Start stretching the dough out over the tablecloth until the dough is completely stretched out with the dough hanging over the edge slightly
• Brush the dough with butter
• Toss apples with cinnamon sugar until you create the balance you like
• Coat the cinnamon sugar coated apples with cornstarch (amount will depend on how juicy the apples are)
• Align the sliced apples along one edge of the dough
• Trim the edges of dough to get rid of the thick edges.
• Using the tablecloth, lift up the dough and begin rolling the apples into a log shape.
• Divide the log into manageable sections that will fit onto a half sheet pan.
• Brush the logs with butter and poke the logs all over with a tooth pick
• Bake at 400° F until golden brown
• Cut into 2 inch portions and enjoy
Note: This recipe will work in 5 quart mixer and will make 2 strudels

Curt G. Wagner C.E.P.C.
Keiser University
The Center for Culinary Arts
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