Chef Wagner’s Bread Pudding


(Yield: 5 servings)

4 Whole Eggs

16 oz. Milk

8 oz. Heavy Cream

4 oz. Sugar

Vanilla to taste

10 slices of white bread

25 blueberries

15 blackberries

5 tbsp. Chopped Pecans (lightly toasted)

Brown Sugar approximately 5 tbsp.



- Cut the crust off the bread and cube each slice into 9 pieces

- Lightly toast and set aside

- Place the milk, cream and half the sugar in a sauce pot and heat until warm

- Put the eggs in a mixing bowl whisk to scramble the egg.

- Pour the heated cream, milk sugar mixture over the eggs and whisk until everything comes together

- Strain this mixture through a sieve and set aside

- Place the toasted cubed bread in a bowl and;

Toss the toasted bread in;

1 ½ oz. melted butter

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 pinch of nutmeg

- Distribute the toast between 5 bake-proof dishes

- Pour some custard over the bread in container, approx. ½ way up

- Push the toast into the custard to make sure the bread gets coated as if you are making French toast

- Place 5 blueberries, 3 blackberries a tbsp. of pecans over each dish

- Sprinkle a little or as much as you like of brown sugar over each dish

- Bake at 350°F in a water bath until the custard is set (place a knife in the middle to test, it will pull out clean and spring back when the custard is set)

- Remove from oven and let stand for a few minutes, dust with powdered sugar and enjoy

Curt G. Wagner C.E.P.C.

Keiser University

The Center for Culinary Arts
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