Lobster Newburg


(This makes 2 portions)

2 ea. Lobster, Maine,
1 qt. Court Boullion*
2oz. Butter, whole unsalted
1 cup Madiera wine
2oz. Brandy
10oz. Cream, heavy
4 ea. Egg
Salt and white pepper to taste


1. Cook the lobster in the Court Boullion. Simmer slowly for 5-10 minutes.
2. Remove the meat from the shell, while the lobster is still hot for easier extraction. Cut the tail into even sized slices about ½ inch thick. Remove the claw and knuckle meat. If claws are large they should be cut into pieces the same size as the tail meat.
3. Saute the seasoned lobster pieces in butter very gently. Add the Madiera and brandy, off of the heat, as the wine will flambé over the heat. Simmer gently until the wine has reduced until it is almost completely reduced. There is the good possibility that the brandy will ignite while simmering. Cool the lobster and reduction.
4. When ready to serve add the cream and egg yolks to the sliced lobster in a oven proof dish and bake at 325F until the custard is set firmly.
5. The lobster is traditionally served with Duchesse potatoes.

* A court bouillon is a poaching liquid containing water, vinegar, salt, carrots,
Onion and seasoned with thyme, bay leaf, parsley stems and peppercorns.
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