Mississippi Mud S’Mores-Fudge Pie


2 c graham cracker crumbs
½ c butter, melted
2 1/4c sugar divided
1 ½ c coarsely chopped pecans, toasted and divided
1 (4-oz) semisweet chocolate baking bar, chopped
1c butter
1 ½ c all-purpose flour
½ c unsweetened cocoa
4 large eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
¾ tsp. salt
3c regular marshmallows
Chocolate fudge sauce (the kind in the jar is best)


1. Stir together first 2 ingredients and ¼ cup of sugar; press on bottom and 2 inches up sides of a shiny 9 inch springform pan.

2. Sprinkle ¾ cup pecans over the crust. Microwave chopped chocolate and 1 cup butter in a large microwave-safe glass bowl on high 1 minute or until melted and smooth, stirring at 30-second intervals.

3. Whisk flour, next 4 ingredients, and remaining 2 cups sugar into chocolate mixture, whisking until blended. Pour batter into prepared crust.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out with a few moist crumbs.

5. Remove from oven, and cool in pan on a wire rack 20 minutes.

6. Preheat broiler with oven rack on lowest level from heat. Place pie (in pan) on a jellyroll pan.

7. Toss together both marshmallows; mound on pie. leaving a ½ inch border around edge.

8. Broil 30 seconds to 1 minute or until marshmallows are golden brown. Remove from oven, and immediately remove sides of pan.

9. Cool on a wire rack 10 minutes. Drizzle chocolate fudge sauce over marshmallows and sprinkle with remaining ¾ cup pecans. Enjoy
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