National Sports Headlines

The Astros are still in control of the series, but have been unable to solve Yankees pitching
The Astros and Yankees will play Game 4 in the Bronx early Tuesday evening
The Big Red Machine, who is running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, emerged from under the ring
Also on the long TD, Marcus Mariota saved his lineman from what may have been a disastrous penalty
The Titans looked dead in the water for three quarters, but scored 21 in the final frame to beat the Colts
Yankee Stadium helped, but there's more to it than that
Aaron Judge and CC Sabathia had big games
Here's everything you need to know ahead of 2017 WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs
San Antonio's track record speaks for itself, but they've made a few puzzling moves this offseason
Judge had an impact on both sides of the ball in Game 3