National Sports Headlines

Darryl Rudolph was just 55 years old
There's a report that Adrian Peterson will sign with the Saints. Jamey Eisenberg says that would be a bad move for Peterson and Mark Ingram when it comes to their Fantasy value.
Is Paul George in a Laker uniform just a formality at this point?
Eight of the top nine scorers from this season's team are not returning, but UK will be fine
Add another American player in the Premier League next season
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what the Bills are doing
Peterson would join a formidable backfield that includes Mark Ingram and, of course, Drew Brees.
Kerr may miss the entire playoffs due to complications from back surgery
Joey Gallo is showing signs of real improvement, and it's an exciting development for a player with gigantic power potential.
The Michigan coach nearly caused an international incident throwing a football