Comet Neowise lights up the summer sky

Comet Neowise
Comet Neowise(WCTV Pinpoint Weather)
Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 4:15 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Comet C/2020 F3, otherwise known as the Comet Neowise, has been lighting the night sky since the beginning of July.

The comet will be closest to earth on July 22 and 23, at a distance of only 64 million miles. Neowise won’t pass by Earth again until the year 8786.

Neowise will be visible an hour before sunrise in the morning in the northeastern sky. The best time to view Neowise in the evening will be an hour and a half after sunset in the northwestern sky, below the Big Dipper.

“Over the next few weeks, it’s going to get higher in the sky, in the evening sky, especially down here. They pinpointed that northern parts of the states, so northern U.S. and Canada are technically your best viewing spots. But, down here in the south, it’s going to become better viewing over the next few weeks,” Daniel Allison, a member of the Challenger Learning Center’s Education staff explained.

To view the comet, you’ll need either binoculars or a camera.

Since Neowise will be close to the horizon, finding an empty space with little light pollution and a clear sky, such as a beach, is ideal.

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