Tallahassee residents react to possible COVID-19 vaccine

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 5:42 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - There is good news in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic; a COVID-19 vaccine is in the works right now and is moving into the final phase of testing.

The vaccine would require two doses, a month apart.

In testing so far on 45 volunteers, the potential vaccine is boosting people’s immune systems in the way scientists had hoped.

And there were no serious side effects.

The shot will now move into phase three of testing, where it will be studied on 30,000 people to see if the shot is strong enough to protect against the coronavirus.

Tallahassee resident Kaylon Dobson says it’s about time and hopes what we’ve learned from this pandemic will be a wake-up call.

“When the vaccine comes together, eventually people are going to start to realize that, okay, maybe we need to start being more clean because we got to the point where we got way too comfortable with ourselves in our daily lives not washing our hands when we actually need to and this is how it came to be,” said Dobson.

Others say it is a sign of hope that a vaccine is on the way.

“For that to happen, to have us almost in the final stages, its something to bring cure to the people. I think its wonderful, because we’ve had pandemics before, years ago, but 2020 has been one of those times in our history that has absolutely baffled people and caused people to stop and think about where we are,” said another Tallahassee resident, Zellane Elyon.

The results from Tuesday’s study were only from younger adults, but the testing was expanded to older adults who are more at risk for COVID-19.

Those results haven’t been made public yet.

The government hopes to have the final results by the end of the year.

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