Success for Lowndes thanks in part to healthy Metts behind the plate

Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Lowndes softball is off to a terrific start, sitting at 11-3 and are undefeated in Region 1 7A play. And a big reason for their success is a healthy Lexi Metts behind the plate.

“I had an injury my junior year. I’m actually completely cleared and actually able to play,” she said.

Metts had an extreme partial tear in her elbow, along with rotator cuff issues. Neither required surgery and she continued to play.

“We were doing ice baths and therapy throughout the season to reduce the injury and then, after the season, I was in full-blown therapy,” she continued.

Now, Metts is completely healthy and says she can really tell a difference when she throws.

“I like it when people steal on me,” Metts said. “That’s for sure.”

As a catcher, Metts is responsible for managing the pitching staff.

“We’ve grown up together and played since we were little together,” Metts said. “I’ve been catching them since they started pitching. We just have a really tight connection and they trust me and I trust them.”

Head coach Stewart Thomas praised Metts for her improved ball blocking, an impressive feat considering she started catching on varsity during that injury-riddled junior year.

“How she handles balls in the dirt,” Thomas said. “Her framing, that takes some practice. That’s not necessarily a skill that you are born with.”

“Now I’m fully comfortable with it,” Metts said. “I’m not scared of the ball anymore. So that’s an improvement, I guess.”

Metts said she hopes to play at the next level, but fears her injury, which prevented her from playing travel ball, may hinder her potential recruitment.

“I am hoping,” Metts said, “But we’ll just have to see what happens at this point with everything that’s going on.”

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