Letters cause confusion regarding Wakulla County mailboxes

Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 9:32 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Over the last two weeks, there has been postal service confusion in Wakulla County.

Last week, countless homes received a letter that gave them 10 days to raise their mailboxes between 42 to 44 inches or risk losing mail service.

On Thursday, the postal service reversed its course, but many homeowners in Savannah Forest and surrounding neighborhoods are left confused and frustrated.

With the first notice delivered on September 14, recipients were told the whole county was going to need to raise their mailboxes. Days later, they found out that only some 30 homes received the letter, making many, ask why?

Ross Taylor has lived in his home for five years. When he received the notice, his initial thought was, “I thought that this was just completely crazy.”

Taylor, like many others, received the notice on the 14th of September, which asked him and his neighbors to raise their mailbox within 10 days, between 42 and 44 inches, or risk having no service.

“I receive medicine through the mail and receive a lot of stuff that I need to get through the mail," shared Taylor, "And the threat of terminating the service was really not acceptable.”

With elections looming, other neighbors, like President of the Savannah Forest Homeowners Association Kevin Preter, are worried about absentee ballots.

“Now we get something out of the blue that just happens to be close to the time we are voting," Preter said. "So it was just too coincidental.”

On Monday morning, neighbors were out on their front lawns with measuring tapes in hand. Roughly all of the mailboxes in Savannah Forest are 36 inches. But with many made of brick and set in cement, raising them a few inches is far from easy.

“Outside of the time delay to get the call before you get done, it would cost thousands of dollars to do this per home," shared Taylor.

The United States Postal Service sent out a second notice, four days after the first one, letting customers know they do not have to make the changes. But concerns still linger for homeowners like Preter, as to who sent the first note and why, “Did it really come from the postal service or the federal government or some object group somewhere?”

“My neighbor was told another story that Wakulla County was getting new mail trucks and that mailboxes had to be in compliance," expresses Taylor, "What’s the truth?”

WCTV reached out to a spokeswoman at the Postal Service, about who sent the notice and why, as well as why the standard is 42-44 inches. She only said the agency is investigating and declined to make further comment.

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