Pres. Trump holds virtual conversation with Tallahassee attendees

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) - The Economic Club of Florida was one of just six in the nation who got special treatment from President Donald Trump Wednesday.

The President did a live stream Q&A from the Rose Garden after speaking on what he’s done for the economy during his first term.

Viewers in Tallahassee watched in the private Governor’s Club in the shadow of the state Capitol.

In some of his first words, the President predicted economic doom if he’s not re-elected.

“That’s what you’ll have, a depression. I will deliver optimism, opportunity, and growth. They will deliver pessimism, stagnation, decline and very high taxes,” said Trump.

He didn’t mince words about his accomplishments.

“Income for Black Americans grew nine times more during my leadership than during the eight years before I took office,” said Trump.

And he defended his handling of the pandemic

“We reduced the fatality rate 85% since April,” said Trump.

Democratic State Legislator Carlos Smith believes the President’s words on recovery are premature.

“How can you say, ‘Oh, look, look at how I’ve been able to help the economy bounce back,’ as Disney issues as press release saying they are laying off 2,000 employees,” said Rep. Smith.

Reaction from those in the room was positive, but remember, no one who came was undecided before it started.

“The Democrats haven’t offered anything different. When this whole thing started, Nancy Pelosi said let’s go down to Chinatown. The Vice President called him xenophobic,” said Barney Bishop, who considers himself a conservative-leaning Democrat.

In-person attendance was sparse.

“We had close to 2,000 people attend nationwide, but we could have had many more if we had more time,” said Florida Economic Club President Cindy O’Connel.

But the fact the President spent so much time for a small audience clearly shows he things every vote matters.

The event got the go-ahead late Saturday.

The President also gave a shoutout to Governor Ron DeSantis for his efforts at cutting drug prices paid by the state under legislation passed last year.

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