High surf and rough waves buffeted the Forgotten Coast after Hurricane Zeta

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 9:08 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Thanks to some rough surf and high water, the Gulf Coast didn’t look too friendly Thursday afternoon, with waves churning off the coast.

At Alligator Point, water covered much of what is usually a public beach.

Even though Hurricane Zeta made landfall down in Louisiana, its effects could be felt on Alligator Point; the winds are pretty gusty and the ocean was choppy. The tropical-storm-force winds and storm surge stayed well to the west of the Big Bend, but high waves and rip currents still buffeted the Forgotten Coast.

“The gulf is very angry. At this point in time we’ve got three, four footers coming in here,” John Barry, who’s been a resident at Alligator Point since 1999, described.

Despite the high surf, experienced beachgoers took to the waves.

“We have flotation and all kinds of safety features that help us out. So if you’re someone, I would definitely not advise just going out to swim on a day like today,” Nolan Monahan, an FSU student visiting the beach, explained.

Flags are not visible along Alligator Point’s beaches, however, signs referring to the flags are at beach entrances.

But, instead of just signs, residents wish there were flags on the beach.

“At these beach accesses and some means by which to change those flags, Franklin County did, then we could have notification immediately,” Barry said.

Even though there aren’t any flags out here on the beach, beach conditions can be checked at Franklin County’s parks website.

Double red flags were in place along the coast Thursday afternoon, which means people weren’t supposed to be in the water.

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